Public Educator

Mack Lewis with students at Sams Valley School's Ski & Snowboard Night

Mack Lewis has a degree in English from Southern Oregon University. In 2004 he became one of just four teachers in the Central Point School District to achieve National Board Certification, an honor extended to only a small percentage of the nation’s teaching force. He’s also served as a member of the Teacher Advisory Board to Scholastic’s Storyworks Magazine, and is a frequent contributor to several of Scholastic’s classroom magazines such as Scope and Scholastic News. He has also contributed articles to Instructor Magazine, and has published three educational books through Scholastic Professional including Read Aloud Plays: Symbols of America (2003), Read-Aloud Plays: Classic Short Stories (2010), and Super Sentences and Perfect Paragraphs (2009), which is the basis of much of Central Point Elementary’s intermediate writing program. His work also appears on, Scribd, and Currclick.

Mack Lewis with wife and son

Mack taught for 15 years at Sams Valley Elementary prior to moving to CPE beginning with the 2008-09 school year. Sams Valley’s Sportsmanship Floor Hockey Tourney and the 5th Grade Baby Picture Program are two long-standing annual events he created. In 2007 he also collaborated with Brock Rowley, Mark Elias, and fellow SVE teacher Charles Hadley to bring back the Sams Valley Mini-Marathon. At CPE he’s spearheaded the Campus Tree Project and the 5th Grade Baby Picture Program. You can visit The Daily Platypus, Mack’s public school site, for more information about his teaching.

Mack's son and daughter-in-law

In his spare time Mack plays a lot of basketball, snowboards, and backpacks. Since 1994 he’s also been a baseball coach at Crater High School where he’s been a part of two state championships (in 2000 and in 2007).

NBPTS logoMack is married for over thirty years to Cathy Lewis, a former teacher and presently an aspiring textile artist. They have two grown sons. Their eldest, Darryl, is an RCC graduate and AutoCAD draftsman living in Medford. Their youngest, Dain, has a degree in media arts and animation from the Art Institute of Portland and is married and parent to Mack’s lovely grandchild. Contact Mr. Lewis at


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